Medical Marijuana Card | What to expect from appointment at the Marijuana Clinic | Clinic OMMP card

1. Check in with our receptionist. We must copy your state identification card for our file. You will be provided a packet of paperwork to fill out, this will become a part of your electronic file. The paperwork will include:

  • Patient Intake Form
  • Medical Questionnaire
  • Physical Exam Form
  • Physician Statement
  • Notice of Privacy Practices Acknowledgement Form (HIPPA law)
  • OMMP Application Form

2. You will then meet with our staff person, who will answer any questions you have about medical marijuana.

3. Next you will pay clinic’s fee. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and cash. No checks please.

4. A non-invasive physical examination will be performed, including blood pressure, pulse and other vitals as well as your medical history will be taken.

5. You will then meet our Doctor who specializes in cannabis, cannabinoids and their medical efficacy. The doctor must review the physical exam, read your medical records, determine your qualifying condition(s), and write several pages of medical records, then fill in all necessary state forms for your medical marijuana permit.

6. You will be given a signed Attending Physicians Statement and a copy of your license. We will give you some information to take home.

7. Mail your application and associated paper work we compile for you by CERTIFIED mail. The green CERTIFIED receipt along with your copies we provide to you will act as your temporary card until the official card is mailed to you from the OMMP.  You can also submit your completed packet on the OMMP website. Just create an account, scan in your documents, submit your payment with debit/credit card, then print your 30 day receipt.

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