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Already have medical records/chart notes/ physician notes or been to a different medical marijuana clinic.

Our physicians require that each patient have current medical records that document the existence of one of the qualifying conditions for which medical marijuana is authorized in the State of Oregon.
Our doctors are consulting with patients solely about their qualification for medicinal cannabis, and cannot act as a patient’s primary physician. We require that all of our patients have at least one other current physician.

Step 1:

● Mail, drop in, or fax your medical records. Go to Step 2.

● Stop by the Portland Alternative Clinic and drop your documents with us.  If the clinic schedules allow, PAC staff will review your records and determine if you meet the qualifying criteria.  On some occasion we may be able to see you that same day. If already scheduled patients do not allow us to review your records, we will review the records at a later time. Then:

Step 2:

● We will inform you of Medical Marijuana Program requirements, qualifying conditions and clinics requirements.

Step 3.

● We will call you to schedule an appointment.

● Once our staff has review your medical records and determine that you meet the criteria to qualify we will call for an appointment. We will fax or mail some our forms like the Patient Intake Form, and the OMMP Application ahead of time to bring with you the date of your appointment. This will speed us processing your file the date of your appointment.

*Remember: The records need to be current within the past three years and must pertain to your qualifying condition. We only need records from 3 recent visits on your condition. These can be up to three years old.

*Records must be from an MD (medical doctor),  DO (doctor of osteopathy), Nurse Practitioner (NP) or Physicians Assistant (PA).